From the origin into the future

We, the young high-motivated firm team of EuroDesign, develop custom-made embedded PC solutions for you.

We have many years of development experience. From 1995 to 1998 the core of our development crew as know-how carrier was still in one of today‘s prominent German »hardwareschmieden«.

Since the beginning of 1999 acting completely autonomously in the market, we have today a constantly resumed development potential in the customized embedded board level market, which is continually growing, also on operating system level.

Our company concentrates, in the interest of optimal solutions, on the following niche products within the hardware board level area:

  1. Integrated »Smallest intelligence« without display support
  2. »Intelligent« embedded computers with display support, combined with new flat display control technologies (also through long distances)

The firm target is defined clearly

Priority non-standard customer solutions are prepared by us. This applies from the qualified consultation at the beginning of a project, over planing details, up to the execution in time production stages of a final product. Of course, the support after a development is important for us.

Standard products are offered as a base for the technologies used by us. These lead to solution versions even at the beginning of a development in connection with our evalkits as well as a good platform for the customer software development. The option for a later customized solution with 100% compatibility is garanteed.

Please find information on our solution page about the board level solutions and applications.

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