Here you can find something about our
basic know how and used technologies.

Ultra compact embedded PC cards
with low power processors from AMD (Élan SC400) up to Intels Pentium III (mobile),
New: SolidCard IIIs, low cost, low power PPC class: IBM PPC405GP
Common bus systems (ISA, PC104, PC104plus, PICMG, PCI, Compact PCI) and non common
Interfaces: COMs (RS232, RS422, RS485, IrDa), LPT, floppy disk, IDE, Netwerk, PCMCIA, USB, etc.)
Industrial Graphic cards und systems
with direct control of flatscreens (STN, CSTN, TFT and Plasma)
TMDS and LVDS interfaces to support distances up to 20m between graphic system and the platscreen
High end multimedia components
Features like framegrabbing, MPEGII encoding/decoding, high-quality Scale- and video deinterlacing, sound as option
Very custom specific
Multi screen (for example 20 digital flatscreens to form a video wall)
Integrations of new cards with new features into your existing system
New: Microcontroller-Solutions
Beside the PC world: From smallest microcontrollers up to high end RISC machines. As a replacement to consume less power then any PC.

Custom specific applications for LINUX-, DOS- and Windows platforms
Multimedia presentations
Beginning with microcontrollers up to high end RISC machines.
Internet applications, presentation of video
Hardware specific development of software and firmware:
Embedded Linux and WindowsCE.
New: LINUX drivers
New: Ask for hardware specific applications
for microcontroller and RISC platforms
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