Outdoor embedded graphic systems (- 30°C ... + 70°C)

In outdoor area modern customer information systems and advertising media subject the used systems engineering and the quality of the presentations to high loads.

Wide temperature range
High stand time
Good readability
Up-to-date contents like video films and graphic animations
Simple update of the contents
Our presentation systems introduced here fulfill these requirements:
- 30°C to + 70°C work temperature of all components incl. display
Optimal adaptation of control electronics to the requirements
Lit displays with reflective share, therefore also optimally readable at directly sun irradiation
Still readable at failure of the illumination in bright surroundings
Vandalism protected by custom-designed set
Single shots, graphic animations and MPEG2 videos mixable as a show
Shown contents updatable via network or modem (by fixed network or mobile).

Single displays with SolidCard III and graphic option
Single display

Every SolidCard III is responsible for the contents of one display. Arbitrary combinations are practicable.

Whether single or as a group with respectively different contents. Arrange your application this way.

All SolidCards are integrating into a network under each other, well, the represented contents can coordinate also centrally.


  • Information panels at bus stops and waiting rooms of trains
  • Advertising panels into telephone booths

Multiple display with SolidCard III, graphic option and picture splitting
Multiple displays with splitting electronics

A SolidCard III checks the contents of the picture. This picture can be distributed on different displays and every arbitrary form factor be reached therefore with help of the picture splitting electronics.

There are no limitation on numbers of »subdisplays«. Conceivable combinations are 3x3, 4x4 or more displays. Displays of different sizes/resolutions also can be mixed.

In any case the splitt electronic provides a distortionless representation by taking the mounting frames of the displays into reproduction individually.

Video sequences also being able to be given back alone understandably besides the single shot picture informations.


  • Large advertising panels for example at bus stops or stations
  • Interactive information systems with a large-sized representation (maps, route planner etc. )
  • Shop window presentation
  • »living« poster walls