SolidCard II

SolidCard II

Cardsize: 85mm x 54mm




The module has an adequate 486er processor with up to 133MHz clock rate. Various standard PC interfaces and a PCI bus of the specification 2.1 are equipped with 16MByte SDRAM, PS/2 keyboard controller.

You can get the module in a commercial or industrial temperature range.

If you are using our HyperBoot loader you can run the Linux® based ELinOS 400ms after power on.

A custom-made version can be equipped with up to 256MByte SDRAM, 22 interrupt channels and desired PCI devices.

Please feel free to contact us, in order to discuss the possibilities of adaptation.

 Shortform technical data
  • Analog Mico Devices SC520 486DX CPU with 133MHz clockspeed
  • 16 kByte first level cache
  • 16, 32 oder 64MByte modern SDRAM firmly rigged
  • optional 8 or 16MByte Flash disk
  • optional 512kByte static RAM
  • 256 kByte flash memory for HyperBoot loader (updateable while running)
  • PCI bus conforms rev. 2.1 (3,3V level, 5V tolerant)
  • 16 Bit ISA bus (3,3V level, 5V tolerant)
  • 4 serial interfaces with 5V or 3,3V levels, one configurable as IrDA
  • Supports up to two floppy disk drives
  • Prepared IDE interface for up to 2 devices
  • Printer port (EPP 1.7/1.9)
  • One free 8 Bit DMA channel on ISA
  • 5 interrupt channels on ISA
  • External I²C or SSI
  • 8 free useable chip select signals
  • Prepared for user specific matrix keyboard
  • Optinally PS/2 compatible keyboard and mouse interface
  • 2 kBit (256x8) EEPROM
  • Real time clock
  • Watchdogtimer
  • Overall height: 11mm
  • Operating temperature:
    commercial: 0°C to 70°C
    industrial: -40°C to 85°C