SolidCard III base board

SolidCard III kit

Boardsize: 165mm by 200mm

This base board carries different PC conformal equipments and being systems, so you can use it thus also in PowerPC surroundings. A simple 12 V power supply is required. All further necessary supply voltages are created from the board by itself, incl. the one for externally flat screen.

You can immediately start with the development of your application or check the usability of the processor module in your task with this board and a SolidCard III.

The complete system (base board, processor module and optional flat screen) will be delivered with an installation of Linux OS, which supports all components on the CPU module and the base board. Additional you get an ELinOS package for PowerPC from us for the adaptation of the kernel to your application.

From the individual components of the base card and the processor module we can create a custom-made version. Feel free to contact us, in order to discuss these possibilities.

 Block circuit diagram of the SolidCard III base board
Block circuit diagram of the SolidCard III base board
 Overview of technical data
  • Single 12 V power supply
  • PCI and ISA bus in »PC104plus« form factor
  • 40-pin IDE connection (2.54 mm of grid)
  • 44-pin IDE connection (2.0 mm of grid)
  • SAN Disk plug-in connector
  • 2 connections for serial interface (1 x 10-pin trough, 1 x 9-pin DSUB)
  • Socket for 256 kByte flash
  • POST-code display
  • VGA controller (2 MByte video RAM) with panellink® and analogue output
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet with a RJ45 connection
  • Reset button
  • 4 LEDs as system status display
  • 4 swiches for system configuration